Quora Crush

Geek Factor: 1

Just a short post today about one of my current favourite websites: Quora.

In the year that I was off on mat leave, Quora rose to immense popularity. When I came back to work, I quickly set up an account and started following a few different topics of professional and personal interest to me (SEO, cooking, British royalty – I guess mostly personal interest!) and now  I get a weekly digest with highlights from these topics. It took me a while to figure out how the system works, but now I’m a huge fan.

It’s pretty amazing how anyone who’s anyone in the tech world appears to be on Quora, directly answering questions like, “What does Jimmy Wales think when a university professor states not to use Wikipedia as a source?” and “If Robert Scoble had $100k to invest in a tech company, what company would it be?”

But there are also “everyday experts” active on the site – people who have a lot of knowledge on a particular subject just because they’re passionate about it.  If you haven’t checked out Quora yet, you should.  (And if you’re interested in cooking, I recommend checking out chef Jonas M. Luster’s prolific and fascinating set of answers.)

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