It’s Zeitgeist Time!

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I always look forward to a new edition of Google Zeitgeist, the search engine’s annual release of most popular queries. Not only is it simply fascinating, it’s also a lot of fun to scan through the lists and see how in touch you are with popular culture.

In this year’s edition there is both “trending” and “most searched” data available for countries around the world across a wide variety of topics and when you look at certain sets, you just know the Googlers who work on this project have a ton of fun with it.

For instance, Canada’s data set includes beauties like this:

Canadian Food

  1. Bacon
  2. Poutine
  3. Maple Syrup
  4. Yorkshire Pudding
  5. Bannock
  6. Smoked Meat
  7. Kraft Dinner
  8. Butter Tarts
  9. Sucre a la creme
  10. Sugar pie

(didn’t know we owned the rights to bacon, and am slightly distressed that Yorkshire pudding – a traditional British dish not typically associated with Canada – beat out Nanaimo bars, but I’ll live!) and this:

Craft Beer

  1. Granville Island
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Big Rock
  4. Muskoka
  5. Creemore
  6. Wellington
  7. Okanagan Spring
  8. James Ready
  9. Mill St.
  10. Dead Frog

Switzerland’s lists feature the most searched mountain peaks, the UK has most searched Royal family members (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog Lupo makes the top 10; Camilla does not), and the US has a series of lists on fad diets, body exercise and calorie searches. The “How to” and “What is” lists for each country are worth a  read, too.

If this sort of thing is as interesting to you as it is to me, be prepared to get sucked into the 125-page report…. fire up an extra browser tab and get ready to look up all the terms you’ve never heard of!

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