How to Report Scraper Sites

Scrapers. The bane of every blogger’s existence. Recently I came across a site that’s scraping some of our content, and set out to figure out how to deal with it. Some quick Googling turned up this post from BlueGlass on dealing with scrapers, which told me what I needed to know.

Since most scrapers use other people’s content to try to make a buck using AdSense, you can make a report to Google if you see a site that’s using AdSense and scraping content from other sites. I submitted a report last week; let’s see if and how long it takes Google to react!

By the way, a good way to find out if your content is being scraped is to use Google Alerts to watch for mentions of your blog, your name, or other unique terms that are often associated with you or your company.

Have you dealt with scrapers before? Any war stories or tips you can share?


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