WordPress Wednesday: How to Import a Too-Large Database Backup

Geek Factor: 4

This week’s WordPress Wednesday is short and sweet, but covers a pretty big issue. Recently I had to import a very large SQL database backup from a WordPress site; so large, in fact, the import tool in PhpMyAdmin was unable to run the import without timing out.

Enter the BigDump.php script, a staggered SQL database importer. The BigDump script only imports a bit of your SQL backup at a time, then restarts where it left off.

The only issue I encountered using this script was initially trying to upload a dump file with extended inserts — this means that there’s ‘too much’ information per line for the BigDump script to actually break up. Thankfully, adjusting the settings in PhpMyAdmin to “Include column names in every INSERT statement” makes the individual chunks of information smaller and the upload process will run smoothly.

Download the BigDump script and try it out on your large SQL backups, WordPress or otherwise.


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