How to Add an Apostrophe & Quotation Marks to the iPad Keyboard

Call me a geek, but I sure do love saving a keystroke or two without sacrificing proper punctuation. And I just learned a super-helpful tip that lets me do just that.

The iPad keyboard was driving me nuts, mainly because you have to switch to the numeric layout to get an apostrophe or quotation marks. This bothered me enough that I started looking around to see if there was an app to let you design a custom keyboard. But pretty quickly, I figured out there’s no need for an app at all.

If you tap and hold the exclamation mark/comma key, you’ll get an apostrophe, and if you tap and hold the question mark/period key, you’ll get quotation marks. (You can also just tap and swipe upwards to the same effect.) So, I guess technically this isn’t adding these keys, it’s just revealing them. A very handy trick that I’m so glad to have learned.

This video also shows a bunch of other tips, including how to quickly access accented versions of letters (E, C, Y, U, Y, I, O, A, S, L, Z, C, and N) and how to quickly switch between typing numbers and typing letters.

Any neat iPad keyboard tips to share? Tell us about them in the comments!

  1. Jo K said:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve only had my iPad for a day but the apostrophe/quotes issue was already driving me crazy.

    @ 2:02 pm
  2. Gordon said:

    Brilliant! Now we’ll all be typing properly again. By the way proper touch typing is easy if you just ‘let go’ and see what happens!

    @ 1:23 am

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