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I loved Scott Dodge’s recent list of eight local link building tactics beyond business listings.

Using Minneapolis, Minnesota as an example, Scott explains eight creative ways to build links, and also mentions four tools that can help you track the success of your campaign.

Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but content devised specifically for my geographic area has always really appealed to me – which is why I especially appreciated tactic #2: Building Links by Making Something Awesome for your Community.

“Find out what makes your locale different, and more importantly, something that invokes emotion. People love reading about things that they are the best at. Conversely, taking a hilarious spin on something that they are the worst at can be an effective angle.”

My own experience writing a local blog affirms those ideas – people love talking about anything that’s unique to their local culture…and also commiserating about others not understanding those quirks! Some great ideas – well worth the read.

  1. Scott Dodge said:


    Glad you liked my post, and thanks for featuring it here!

    Hopefully you found it helpful.


    Scott Dodge

    @ 11:06 am

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