Blogging Pet Peeves

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As I followed the stream of live-tweeting from last week’s ABA TECHSHOW, I was thrilled to see this tweet:

You see, calling a blog post a “blog” is one of my greatest blogging pet peeves, and apparently I’m not alone – the barrage of retweets proved it!

While I’m on the topic of blogging pet peeves, here are a couple others.

  • Blog posts with no dates. There might be compelling reasons not to date blog posts, but I can’t get behind them. There are ways to highlight older content (referring/linking back to previous posts, highlighting popular or helpful content in sidebars and about pages, etc.) without annoying and confusing your readers by making them work hard to figure out how old the post is.
  • Blogs with no discernible author. It’s one thing when an average Joe writes his personal blog semi-anonymously. It’s an entirely different story when a blog is being written to establish credibility or reputation, yet it’s a huge undertaking to figure out who the author is. If you want your readers to respect you – and to be able to find you – you need to disclose your name and how you can be reached. Don’t make them dig for it, and don’t make them question whether they have the right person.

What are your blogging pet peeves? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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