A Welcome Invasion

Amanda Lee Smith of web agency Domain7 recently shared a great list of seven web trends that the company’s design, development and strategy teams have on their radar:

  1. Content marketing completes invasion of SEO
  2. Responsive goes mainstream
  3. Content lives beyond design
  4. From “mobile first” to “mobile only”
  5. HTML integration takes down “walled gardens”
  6. Tradesies! Surveywalls get info for content
  7. Quietly offline

I was particularly glad to read #1. If this is an invasion, it’s a welcome one. Amanda describes how the days of keyword-stuffing SEO tactics are effectively over, and that:

“It’s all about relevant, frequent, curated content. Smart marketers are shifting web ownership from the IT department to audience-researching, cultural-savvy communicators, and reaping the rewards through quality online leads.”

While this has always been Stem’s attitude, I love seeing it emphasized here. The thing is, there just aren’t any SEO shortcuts that will pay off longterm. Be sure to also check out the post that Amanda cites, 4 Lessons from Content Strategy – some excellent reminders there, especially #3 and #4.

The Quietly offline trend (“Industry leaders are increasingly suggesting boundaries for everyday tech usage—encouraging a return to the intimacy of un-tweeted social gatherings”) also piqued my interest. It’ll be interesting to see whether this trend takes hold.

In my own use of Twitter, I’ve noticed a lot more folks live-tweeting all sorts of events and have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it’s kind of fun to live vicariously. For example, my husband (a music manager) was out of town at an awards show with his client, who had been nominated in several categories. I wasn’t able to attend, but was very anxious to see if he would win. I followed the event’s hashtag and when the client did win, I found out within a few minutes. And I did all this from the comfort of my pyjamas, with my iPad in bed!

On the flip side, I have frequently felt the urge to tweet something but then immediately wondered, “why? Why do I feel the need to share this?” Even with the world’s best smartphone, you’re still taking yourself out of the present for a few moments to tweet about it. So personally, I would be fine with “no tweeting” request at any event I was at.

What are your thoughts on Domain7’s list of web trends to watch? Are you seeing them in your own work?

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