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WordPress Wednesday: Excluding Categories from the_category();

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re covering a simple way to exclude categories from the_category() tag’s output in your themes. On a recent project, I not only wanted to make sure the ‘Uncategorized’ tag didn’t display; I also needed to hide two additional tags that were doing some heavy-lifting in the background, but didn’t need to be displayed on the… more »

Could You Quit Social Media for a Month?

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I know this idea isn’t new. I wrote about this sort of thing a couple months ago. I guess it’s because it continues to intrigue me! Inspired by this article on Lifehacker, one of my Twitter buddies proclaimedGoodbye July“: he’s signing off of Twitter and Facebook for a month, in an effort to revitalize his… more »

Happy 25th Birthday, Animated GIF!

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Today, the animated GIF is an amazing 25 years old! Check out the history of the GIF and celebratory animations on the Daily Dot, or celebrate the day by arguing whether or not GIF is pronounced with a hard or soft ‘G’. Me, I’m going to go searching for some more cat animations. ETA: I wasmore »

WordPress Wednesday: Displaying Random & Related Posts

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover two little code snippets that can encourage readers to check out other posts on your blog or site: one to display a list of related posts, and another to display a list of random posts.

Related Posts

To display a list of posts related to the one currently being displayed, you… more »

So Long ‘T’: Twitter’s New Branding

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As of today, Twitter is introducing a new simplified bird icon that will now replace the original version (and the ‘T’) on all their official buttons and branding. It’s a little tricky to tell looking at the ‘Tweet This’ button above, but when looking at larger images, the differences between the old and new designs are quite striking: From more »

Google+ Local Fails to Impress, So Far

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So, this morning I checked out Google+ Local – the Goog’s newest offering, which replaces Google Places and makes recommendations about local businesses based on your past reviews, reviews your contacts have made, as well as Zagat ratings. Handy, right? Well, check out my Google+ Local homepage: Wow, what glowing reviews! I poked around and found lots of other local… more »

Speed Up HTML Production with Zen Coding

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For those of you who find yourselves griding out repetative HTML from time to time, the ZenCoding plugin may be the answer to your problems. Josh Earl has a great rundown on his site: in short, the ZenCoding plugin adds its own inline syntax, making it possible to write a single, simple line of text and have the… more »

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