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WordPress Wednesday: Displaying the ‘Most Commented’ Posts

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover how to display a list of the most commented posts on your blog. This can be a handy way to promote your blog’s more popular content, and encourage further discussion. To display your blog’s most popular posts, you will first need to create a new query that gets the most commented… more »

Creative Local Linkbuilding

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I loved Scott Dodge’s recent list of eight local link building tactics beyond business listings. Using Minneapolis, Minnesota as an example, Scott explains eight creative ways to build links, and also mentions four tools that can help you track the success of your campaign. Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but content devised specifically for my geographic area has… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Using the Code Freeze Plugin for Website Maintenance

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A new (to me) plugin was recently featured on the website WP Beginner: Code Freeze. The idea is simple: when the site you’re working on has many authors and needs to undergo major maintenance or a migration, it can be tricky to inform all of the people involved in the site that it should not be edited for… more »

Use to Help Test Your Responsive Web Design

Posted by on is an awesome website where you can test your responsive web design using using pre-defined device sizes, or drag the screen handles to change the view window to any size you want. Naturally, tools like this aren’t a complete replacement for testing on actual devices, but is helpful for testing devices you don’t actually have access to.… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Debugging Your WP Site

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Errors in your WordPress template code can cause all kinds of problems. In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover a couple of options for tracking down and fixing those errors. WordPress has a built-in WP_DEBUG option that can be set in your wp-config.php file. The option is set to false by default; to turn it on, update… more »

The Scoop on Semantic Keyword Research

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Digging out from a bunch of unread feeds in my Google Reader, I came across a great post from Neil Patel on semantic keyword research. Patel defines semantic search as “technology that tries to determine what users mean when they type in a certain keyword.”  It’s what happens when Google gives you suggestions as you type into the search… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Using the_date() vs. the_time()

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover the difference between WP’s the_date() and the_time() template tags. As a default, most WordPress themes will use the_date() with each post, to display when the post was written. At Stem, when we use WordPress as a CMS, we often use the posts as news items. However, when two posts are… more »

How to Report Scraper Sites

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Scrapers. The bane of every blogger’s existence. Recently I came across a site that’s scraping some of our content, and set out to figure out how to deal with it. Some quick Googling turned up this post from BlueGlass on dealing with scrapers, which told me what I needed to know. Since most scrapers use other people’s content to… more »

Check it Out: Amazing Drag-and-Drop UI Concept

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Ishac Bertran put together this very cool demo of how much easier transferring files from one device to another could be with a few hardware tweaks from our favourite manufacturers, using technology that exists in other devices: If you want to hear more about the thought process behind his idea, check out Bertran’s blog post, ‘Natural interactions withmore »

WordPress Wednesday: Displaying Users by Last Name

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In WordPress 3.1, WP_User_Query() was introduced. This new function allows you to create a query of your WP users, and order them in a variety of ways (for a more detailed explanation, please check out this post by Matt Varone). Unfortunately the ordering options are a bit limited — they include items like the user’s login, nicename, email, URL,… more »

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