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WordPress Wednesdays: Checking the ancestors of your pages

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WordPress doesn’t have a built-in 'is_subpage()' function to test if one page is a direct descendant of another, but thankfully there are many resources out there to help work around this, including ones on WordPress’s own Codex and support forum. In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re looking at two easy ways to check if a page is a… more »

How to find out your law firm’s mobile traffic percentage?

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Does someone at your firm track what percentage of web traffic comes from iPads, iPhones, or Android devices? They should. Every firm should know two things with respect to mobile: First, what do your firm’s websites and blogs look like on the most popular devices? And second, what percentage of traffic is currently being displayed on those devices? Finding out… more »

How to Add an Apostrophe & Quotation Marks to the iPad Keyboard

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Call me a geek, but I sure do love saving a keystroke or two without sacrificing proper punctuation. And I just learned a super-helpful tip that lets me do just that. The iPad keyboard was driving me nuts, mainly because you have to switch to the numeric layout to get an apostrophe or quotation marks. This bothered me enough that… more »

Find the perfect palette with ColorHexa

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ColorHexa┬áis a nifty online colour tool that takes the hexadecimal colour that you enter, and generates a pile of information about it, including RGB in decimals and percentages, CMYK value, a web safe equivalent (old school!) and more. The site will also generate complementary, analogous and monochromatic colour schemes, as well as several of different shades of the colour,… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Build your own simple shortcodes

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Last week, we briefly touched on using shortcodes directly in your WP theme. In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover how to build your own simple shortcodes and add them to your WordPress theme, and why you may want to add them to your site.

Use shortcodes for special formatting

Shortcodes can be an easy way to… more »

Local Search and hReview

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I have become intrigued by something called hReview, which I saw a reference to on the Whitespark blog the other day. Basically, it’s a microformat (like hCard) used for reviews of, well, pretty much anything that can be reviewed: books, movies, restaurants, music, etc. The interesting thing is that you can put testimonials on your website in hReview… more »

Presentation: ‘Better Content by Design’

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An Event Apart recently posted the video of a presentation by Kristina Halvorson titled ‘Message and Medium: Better Content by Design.’  
Here at Stem, we’ve been delving deeper into crafting the right message for clients (and ourselves!), and finding the right channels to deliver that message. Definitely an interesting watch if you’ve been struggling with that… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Use shortcodes in theme files

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Filed under ‘something I wish I knew sooner’: this week’s WordPress Wednesday covers a simple little built-in function that can save you a lot of mucking around in WordPress:
do_shortcode(). In short (heh), a shortcode in WordPress is a macro that can be used in the WYSIWYG editor. You add a shortcode to your post, and when WordPress… more »

Amazing mobile phone user manual

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Vitamins, a London based design studio, created a unique and amazing user manual for Samsung phones, specifically targeted at less tech-savvy users. From their site: Rather than design a dumbed down “special phone” we decided to look at the problem in a different way. Maybe existing phones don’t need to be changed, maybe we should change the way… more »

Repairing SEO’s Tarnished Reputation

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Three recent blog posts on the same theme have me nodding my head in agreement. The consensus is that the kind of sleazy, lazy SEO that some folks use to artificially optimize website rankings has got to stop. Content written expressly for rankings and ads is of zero use to the user, and actually makes search engines worse at search.… more »

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