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How Well Does Google Know You?

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Twitter’s been abuzz with folks posting the results of their Google ads preferences, noting how well Google knows – or doesn’t know – them, based on their demographic and topical/geographic categories. Find out what Google thinks it knows about you by visiting your ad preferences page while logged into your primary browser. Here at Stem, we had a… more »

Does Pinterest Have a Place in Law?

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Have you heard about the latest social media darling, image-sharing site Pinterest? For a website that only rose to popularity over the past year, it sure has gained an enormous following: Hitwise reported the site was getting 11 million visits a week in December 2011. Looking at it another way, the site must be a big deal… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: A quick introduction to WordPress custom fields

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For us at Stem, WordPress Custom Fields have been an unsung hero for using WP as a CMS rather than simply a blogging platform. In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’ll be doing a quick introduction of Custom Fields.

So, what are they?

Custom Fields are basically ‘meta data’ that can be added to posts, pages, or any custom post type.… more »

HTML5 Please

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With the long list of features in HTML5 and CSS3, but spotty support across browsers, it can be tricky to know which to use and which to leave out until the support improves. HTML5 Please is a helpful list of HTML5 and CSS3 features, and includes information about a) how well each feature is supported by modern browsers and… more »

Prezi in a webpage: impress.js

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One of the rising stars of online presentations is, which offers a very cool 3D effect of zooming in and out of your presentation elements. A relatively new javascript library is now available that replicates many of those effects, called  impress.js. Developed by Bartek Szopka, this OS library utilizes CSS3 3D transitions – recreating some of… more »

When is a pixel not a pixel?

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We’re just dipping our toes into responsive web design and CSS3 media queries here at Stem Legal, but for those of you who’ve been working with it a bit longer, you may be interested in this recent article on A List Apart by Scott Kellum about how even something as simple as a pixel can mean different… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Custom Queries for Mobile Devices

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’ll be discussing how to alter your WordPress queries when someone visits your site using a mobile device. This enables you to limit the number of WordPress posts loaded, and opt out of loading other template elements. As with other WordPress Wednesdays posts, make sure to back up your templates before making any edits. more »

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