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7 Quick Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Steve Matthews on

LinkedIn has long been the preferred choice for lawyers as a social business tool. There’s lots of studies to support that, and it likely doesn’t come as a surprise to many. Given this importance that many lawyers claim to have regarding LinkedIn, though, I remain a bit surprised that some of the most basic profile elements are often MIA. Take… more »

Legal Web Marketing: Search vs. Social

Posted by Steve Matthews on

A client recently emailed me for my thoughts on Kevin O’Keefe’s post “Good law blogs losing traffic from Google?“, specifically wondering about the value of social media vs. search traffic. Here’s what I told him. Once you get past the (semi-sensational) headline and into the post, Kevin makes a good observation about not taking Google Analytics data at… more »

People Don’t Follow Law Firms, They Follow Lawyers

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Can law firm-generated content can be effectively distributed simply by putting it on the firm’s website or pushing it out over the firm’s social media channels? “No way”, says Kevin O’Keefe in his recent post, It takes an entire law firm using social media to distribute content. He uses the example of journalists and reporters, for whom personal social… more »

Jetpack Publicize is a Worthy Addition to Law Firm Websites

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Almost every website we build these days includes social media connectivity. Whether we’re adding ‘sharing’ buttons to content pages, or posting links and headlines to the firm accounts,  social media connections are expected to happen (or encouraged) whenever new content published. Two years ago, firms would have considered this to be a choice, waffling back and forth. But that seems… more »

Testimonials In The Amazon Age

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

One way I sometimes describe marketing is “opening the door through which business will walk.” At a minimum, marketing in the legal context means making current and potential clients constantly aware of who you are and what kind of legal work you do. That’s “opening the door.” But by itself, that’s not necessarily going to motivate anyone to walk though… more »

Facebook Timeline Moderation for Lawyers

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I was recently trying to explain the idea of Facebook timeline moderation to a friend. That is, not letting someone “tag” you in an uploaded picture or text entry, and having that (potentially embarrassing) item automatically show up on your profile page. While  it’s odd that this setting isn’t activated by default [insert Facebook privacy ‘eye roll’ here], the fix… more »

Why I’m a Big Fan of Twitter Lists

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I keep promising myself that I’ll make better use of Twitter lists.  It’s probably my favorite feature on the network, and to be honest, one that I underutilize. Here are a few reasons why I think so highly of them: You don’t have to ‘follow’ a user on Twitter to track what they are saying. Twitter lets you add… more »

Google+ Now Has More Active Users than Twitter

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This past week, Global Web Index (GWI) released its December 2012 numbers for active users per social platform.  As expected Facebook owns the top spot with over 50% of global internet users actively engaged in their service.  The more interesting development, however, was the number of Google Plus (G+) active users surpassing the same count on Twitter. Check out… more »

It’s Not Social Media, It’s Content Marketing

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

There is a small number of people who, when they talk about social media, you must listen. One is Chris Brogan, and here’s what he said in a recent post called “Social Media Isn’t Dead; It’s Boring“: It’s boring to talk simply about the tools because the tools are just a way to reach people. We can argue more »

The Game Is On: LinkedIn vs. Twitter In The Social Media Race

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Imagine my surprise, given that I’ve never mediated anything more pressing than which kid gets first crack at the DVD player, when several people endorsed me last week at LinkedIn for my skills in alternative dispute resolution. I was also endorsed for litigation, legal research and legal writing, only the last of which I could plausibly claim as a viable… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #2: Social Media

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This is the latest post in a series on distributed publishing for lawyers and law firms. You can see the intro post here, and last week’s topic, blogging, here.  Now, onto our next distributed publishing opportunity…

Social Media

For more than a century, newspapers, radio and television have dominated public discourse, to the point that we collectively think… more »

Why Do You Still Have a LinkedIn Account?

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

One of Twitter’s many advantages is its ability to deliver snarky one-liners in 140 characters or fewer. Case in point: following the widely publicized hack of LinkedIn’s database last week, this gem appeared on Twitter: “LinkedIn announces major database breach, reminding millions of people that they have a LinkedIn account.” Another Twitter zinger, “What are the hackers going to do?… more »

Coming to you live: The do’s and don’ts of conference tweeting

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

[Note: This post has been simultaneously published by our friends at Attorney at Work, and will be included in a free downloadable publication of “Tips and Tricks for the Mobile Lawyer,” to be released in May. Attorney at Work, as regular readers know, publishes “one really good idea every day” for enterprising lawyers. If you’d like to be notified more »

How CLE providers can use social media

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Late last month, I co-presented a session on social media for CLE providers at the Mid-Year Meeting of ACLEA, the Association of CLE Administrators, in New Orleans. In the process of preparing my remarks, I was struck by the resonance between social media and CLE programming, and I came to conclude that there are some largely untapped opportunities to… more »

Big-picture thinking from a social media guide

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

As noted on Twitter and blogged by Simon Fodden at Slaw, the Law Society of England & Wales has released a social media guide for lawyers and law firms. Simon observes that there’s very little here to excite the experienced user of social media, but that its target market of social media newbies will find it a useful and… more »

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