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Google+ Now Has More Active Users than Twitter

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This past week, Global Web Index (GWI) released its December 2012 numbers for active users per social platform.  As expected Facebook owns the top spot with over 50% of global internet users actively engaged in their service.  The more interesting development, however, was the number of Google Plus (G+) active users surpassing the same count on Twitter. Check out… more »

LinkedIn Lawyers Hit 840K

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In an ongoing effort here at Stem, we’ve been tracking the growth of the “Law Practice Industry” category on LinkedIn. For a bit more than a year now, we’ve run periodic searches on Google to see how many profile pages are indexed which include the industry class ‘law practice industry’. Predictably, but still impressively, that number continues to grow.… more »

Legal Ranks Swell on LinkedIn

Posted by Steve Matthews on

One of the groundwork slides in my referral networking session at ABA Techshow with Reid Trautz was Stem’s ongoing tracking of the “law practice industry” category on LinkedIn.  The slide quoted the number of profile pages indexed by Google on four different dates over the course of the last year. Those were: April 2008: 118,000 June 2008: 216,000 December… more »

LegalWeb2.0: Doug Cornelius on Face-Blocking

Posted by Steve Matthews on

The second edition of Law Practice Magazine‘s LegalWeb2.0 column is now online. This month, Doug Cornelius has authored a great roundup of the issues faced by law firms who block internal access to social media websites. His article, titled Online Social Networking: Is It a Productivity Bust or Boon for Law Firms? covers a broad range of issues, from… more »

US Legal Market Statistics

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Larry Bodine notes the release of a legal industry statistics summary on his Law marketing portal. The document was put together by Margaret Grisdela, president of Legal Expert Connections. The survey covers everything from the number of lawyers licensed to practice in the U.S., to the number of firms, size of firms, etc. It’s a very quick read,… more »

Lexblog’s Count of AmLaw 200 Blogs

Posted by Steve Matthews on

More great legal web demographics! This time, Kevin O’Keefe and Lexblog have produced a detailed list of which Amlaw 200 law firms have started law blogs, and which providers they’re engaging. From the announcement: Of the firms on the 2006 AMLaw list (the number was a few below 200, as mergers have consolidated firms since the list first published), 38 more »

New Legal Web Demographics – Largest Law Firm Websites List

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I am pleased to announce the first of what I hope to be many demographic lists for the legal web: a re-ranked list of the 2006 Global 100 Law Firms (originally published by The Lawyer) by the number of web pages indexed within the search engines. The list was developed using Yahoo’s Site Explorer, and offers a rough count… more »

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