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The Role of Publishing In The Marketing-Sales Continuum

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

In most parts of the business world not owned and operated by lawyers, “Marketing” and “Sales” are inextricably linked. Companies carry out marketing solely for the purpose of increasing their sales, either for specific transactions (e.g., advertising campaigns or temporary price discounts) or for general branding (e.g., market awareness or consumer profile). It’s a natural continuum… more »

Better Than a Free Lunch: Lunch Hour Legal Marketing Webinars

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

They say the best things in life are free, but that expression doesn’t always apply to CPD. Lucky for us, Lunch Hour Legal Marketing (LHLM) is one of those rare cases where you get a whole lot more than you paid for (in a good way). We haven’t talked too much about LHLM here before, and that’s a shame, because… more »

This Is My Life: Stop Writing About Yourself In The Third Person

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

“He has a dream that one day, this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘They hold those truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'” “He considers himself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. And he might have been given a bad break, but he’s got an awful more »

Testimonials In The Amazon Age

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

One way I sometimes describe marketing is “opening the door through which business will walk.” At a minimum, marketing in the legal context means making current and potential clients constantly aware of who you are and what kind of legal work you do. That’s “opening the door.” But by itself, that’s not necessarily going to motivate anyone to walk though… more »

The Stories We Could Tell: Differentiating Your Law Practice

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Our friends at Attorney At Work promise “one really good idea every day.” Today, they’ve provided us with 12: specifically, they’ve given us a dozen ways to differentiate your law practice in a great post by Susan Saltonstall Duncan that will reward your time and attention. Read the whole list, and implement as many as you can. To Susan’s original… more »

Selling What No One’s Buying: The Problem of Irrelevant Differentiation

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

I’ve had the opportunity recently to review several marketing campaigns undertaken by a range of midsize to large law firms. These campaigns ran the gamut from mass-market advertising to multimedia publications to targeted client awareness efforts to law student recruitment blitzes, and they all appear effective to a greater or lesser extent. What struck me, however, was that many of… more »

The Cure for Text by Infographic

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

On last week, Allison Shields talked about some of the reasons lawyers might want to use infographics as part of their marketing strategies this year. Alison makes some good points about why infographics have been such a welcome addition to the marketing landscape over the last few years, and why they’re well suited to lawyers’ marketing activities: “Lawyers are… more »

Creating Demand With Lawyer Advertising

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

“Advertising is the art of making people unhappy.” I read that definition, purportedly a quotation from a modern French philosopher, several years ago, and it’s stuck with me ever since. The way to sell something, this theory goes, is to create in your audience a sense of inadequacy, a belief that they lack something important and that their lives are… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #2: Social Media

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This is the latest post in a series on distributed publishing for lawyers and law firms. You can see the intro post here, and last week’s topic, blogging, here.  Now, onto our next distributed publishing opportunity…

Social Media

For more than a century, newspapers, radio and television have dominated public discourse, to the point that we collectively think… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #1: Blogging

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to get into the specifics of four different tactics of taking publishing beyond the firm website.  As discussed last week, publishing in a variety of online locations can benefit both content distribution and search engine exposure, but it’s important to find the right fit for each lawyer. In today’s post, we’ll… more »

Your Future Law Firm Domain Name

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Tired of limited .COM domain options? ICANN has started towards solving that issue by announcing the applicants for a bunch of new generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD”). Today was the “reveal day” for finding out which companies paid the $185K registration fee to grab everything from .PARIS to .WALMART.  There were 1,930 applications in total; a copy of the complete… more »

Thoughts on Law Firm Photography

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I don’t claim to be much of a photographer, myself. But I do have a rather odd recurring theme in my life with regard to the profession and working with the end product. It started many years ago helping out in my father’s photography business, where I ran around as a teenager schlepping power cords and photo lights. In undergrad,… more »

The problem with lawyer advertising

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

The perils of “non-lawyer” ownership of law firms have been widely documented in recent months, and whether those perils hold up to scrutiny or not (my position on that question is fairly well established by now), these models already exist in the UK and will eventually spread to other shores. But even in jurisdictions where lawyer control of law… more »

101 More Law Firm Taglines – 2012 Edition

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

Back in 2009, Stem Legal published our list of 101 law firm taglines. At that point, many online pundits were quick to point out the terrible ones (no need to name names) as well as some rare gems that seemed to fit their firms well. Are law firm taglines still valuable? It’s a good question. Some are indeed terrible,… more »

Calling All Law Firm Taglines!

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

We’re busy putting together the 2012 edition of our law firm taglines list (see our 2009 edition here) and need some help from you, our dear readers. Does your firm currently have a tagline? Do you know of a great one – or one that’s the pits? Good ones, bad ones, we want to see ‘em all – drop more »

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