Moving Offices? Make Sure Google Knows

Ever wondered where Google gets the business location information for its maps? If the details about your law firm are accurate, you might not have occasion to find out. But if an office move is in the works, you’ll need to be prepared for some hard work to make sure your firm shows up in the right location in online maps.

That’s why we appreciated David Mihm‘s recent post on SEOmoz, “Moving to a New Location? Don’t Forget About Local Search“. In it, David shares a case study based on the help he gave to a local non-profit organization whose local search listings were outdated after they moved to a new location.

Correcting your location goes way beyond just updating your address in Google+ Local/Google Places. It’s actually a bit nightmarish, but it has to be done, and fortunately for us, David gives thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to solve this problem. Some key tips:

  • Use GetListed’s Local Business Data Accuracy Report to get a complete picture of what you’re dealing with.
  • Stay organized: methodically track problematic sources in a spreadsheet, along with login credentials for any directories in which you have control over your listings.
  • When you do track down outdated listings, “It’s important to UPDATE old, out-of-date listings rather than create new ones.”
  • Be patient. It can take 2-3 months for changes to trickle out through the web.

David also offers an extensive list of other blog posts that cover this topic. If a move is in the cards for you, we highly recommend becoming familiar with this process well beforehand, so you can get your location updated across the web as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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