Happy 2nd Anniversary, Attorney At Work!

A quick post to congratulate Attorney At Work on their second anniversary! (It’s actually on Dec. 9th, but that’s a Sunday, so I’m jumping the gun.)

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With new posts every single day of the work week, that’s more than 500 “really good ideas” – an outstanding accomplishment. Created by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, Mark Feldman, and Joan Feldman, Attorney at Work launched in December of 2010 with the goal of sharing ideas “to give you everything you need to create a law practice — and a life — you can love.

Over the last two years the site has produced many excellent downloads above and beyond the blog (like A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers, Top iPhone and iPad Apps for Lawyers, and 101 Really Good Ideas for You and Your Law Practice). They’ve established a solid following on Twitter (@attnyatwork). And did I mention that Attorney at Work is named in the 2012 ABA Blawg 100 Awards?

Jordan and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with an outstanding group of other advisors and contributors (I think Jordan put it best when he said, “The other members of Attorney At Work’s advisory board make you hope you judge us by the company we keep!”).

So congratulations again, to Attorney at Work and everyone who’s contributed to the site’s outstanding success over the last two years. Here’s to another 500 really good ideas – and beyond!

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