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I had to let this one out on Twitter this morning, so I might as well blog about it. Most of my day yesterday was spent crafting a new website – – with the concept of creating a public view of those in the legal industry posting to twitter. I’ve been sitting on the domain for a while now, so it was primed for an appropriate experiment!

I created for a couple reasons. For the non-users out there, it gives a brief insight into how the service works – a preview. It also has a what’s hot in the legal industry feel to it. Could be a novelty, could be insightful… who knows? but definitely worth 5 hours of my time.

And for the Twitter converts, it offers a filtered view of the most current commentary from those of us with a legal slant. The other aspect I considered, is that almost no one creates a follow list dictated by industry vertical. So it’s likely a perspective most twitter users would seldom replicate.

Finally, a big warning that the site is in “pre-alpha”. :) It may take a couple browser refreshes to see the conversation stream change. Unfortunately, with new follower email notices flying out via twitter, there really wasn’t a way to create this under wraps. So heed the warning, or blame twitter. ;)


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