‘An Insurance Night Before Christmas’

This masterpiece courtesy of the Insurance law group at my former law firm.  As usual, very creative marketing. Nice work gang!


T’was the night before Christmas, when outside my house
our dog was barking, and awakened my spouse.
“Eh buddy!” she cried as we heard a loud shout
“Go see what that ruckus is all about”.

Out past the children all snug in their bed
I hurried with just one thought in my head.
For I knew that night St. Nick’s on his way
But where, oh where, would he park that darn sleigh?

‘Cause during the day it had snowed and snowed
until it completely covered the road.
Shovels and salt, I’d used them not.
For in all frankness I’d quite simply forgot

Alas when at the window I arrived,
a sight I beheld with my very own eyes.
Out in the middle of our snow covered walk
lay a big man in red completely asquawk.

His presents lay strewn all over the drive
but as I approached he came suddenly alive.
“This is a hazard and you failed to take care,
for me to be safe”, he did huffily declare.

“Put your insurer on notice right away,
as my elves will be suing come Boxing Day:
a claim will be made for breach of an Act,
Occupier’s Liability, to be exact !”.

So back into the house I went with a clatter
to locate a policy which might address the matter.
My Homeowner’s Comp I thought might respond
with grants of coverage above and beyond.

As on the advice of my broker I’d acquired
a specific endorsement which was truly inspired:
“We cover damages valid under all laws
which may be claimed by Santa Claus”

Back into bed I sprang with delight
and knowing I was insured, I slept through the night.

When boxing day came I accepted a writ,
thinking the insurer would take care of it.
How shocked did I feel when the letter arrived
stating “thanks for the premium, but coverage denied!”

Snow on the roof in Vancouver, so strange
this condition amounts to material change.

Now Claus has a judgment and I lost my house,
I sleep in an alley I share with a mouse.
I thought I had coverage but found out not quite,
A tough lesson to learn on a cold Christmas night.



CW’s Insurance group wishes you happy holidays and our best wishes for a prosperous (and well-insured) new year!


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