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US Legal Market Statistics

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Larry Bodine notes the release of a legal industry statistics summary on his Law marketing portal. The document was put together by Margaret Grisdela, president of Legal Expert Connections. The survey covers everything from the number of lawyers licensed to practice in the U.S., to the number of firms, size of firms, etc. It’s a very quick read,… more »

JD Supra, Why I’m Signing On

Posted by Steve Matthews on

One of the intended effects of starting this business was to force me to focus. You see, I’ve always been this multi-discipline kind of guy — web marketer, KM practitioner, coder developer, law librarian, etc. (you can check the About page, or my profile, if you don’t know me) — lots of interests and lots of hats, but always… more »

Lexblog’s Count of AmLaw 200 Blogs

Posted by Steve Matthews on

More great legal web demographics! This time, Kevin O’Keefe and Lexblog have produced a detailed list of which Amlaw 200 law firms have started law blogs, and which providers they’re engaging. From the announcement: Of the firms on the 2006 AMLaw list (the number was a few below 200, as mergers have consolidated firms since the list first published), 38 more »

Measuring Social Media Paper

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’d like to pass along a white paper that was sent to me (Thanks Connie!) titled Tracking the Influence (PDF download). It was written by Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech and Matt Toll of Factiva, and discusses various aspects of social media measurement. It offers a great overview, and properly identifies the importance of both the reach and… more »

Your Client’s Association Website

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Came across a good article today in the latest issue of Law Practice Today, by  John Remsen, Jr. of the Remsen Group, titled What is the Best Way to Catch New Clients? Find Their Associations and Get Actively Involved. In addition to the great tips John offers, I’d like to add a digital networking twist and offer a… more »

Kevin O’Keefe: Why most law firm web sites stink

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Kevin O’Keefe of Lexblog has re-mixed a short post from the Wall Street Journal called ”Why most business web sites stink‘. Kevin’s re-title, Why Most Law Firm Web Sites Stink. The recommendations via Harley Manning at Forrester are nothing new, saying ‘97% of corporate websites get a failing grade’. With the key factors for success identified as:… more »

Law Firms & Content Strategy

Posted by Steve Matthews on

There’s an old adage on the web says ‘content is king’, and that continues to be true even when selling professional services. Your content is your drawing card. It acts as proof that the writer is knowledgeable about their subject, but more important, is an absolute requirement to drawing new visitors to your website. Without content, the only visitors your… more »

New Legal Web Demographics – Largest Law Firm Websites List

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I am pleased to announce the first of what I hope to be many demographic lists for the legal web: a re-ranked list of the 2006 Global 100 Law Firms (originally published by The Lawyer) by the number of web pages indexed within the search engines. The list was developed using Yahoo’s Site Explorer, and offers a rough count… more »

The Hub-n-wheel Strategy

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Should a law firm have more than one web property? These days, the answer is an obvious and unequivocal ‘yes’.  Between blogs, wikis, group publishing and collaboration efforts – not to mention content mixing and syndication – the number of web brands under firm control is set to explode.  Need proof? Look no further than the online leaders in your… more »

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