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WordPress Wednesdays: Using the Built-in Menu System

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In version 3.0, WordPress introduced a menu system, which allowed editing the menus that display on your site through the WP Dashboard. Adding the menu to your theme is pretty simple, and allows for easier menu customization, even for non-technical users. Themes like Twenty Eleven already have the menu functionality included, but if you are working with a theme you… more »

The Symbol of a Movement?

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Jim Stogdill has gone on a media diet. He’s removed all the apps from his smart phone. He doesn’t turn his computer on until lunch. And even when he turns it on, he sometimes turns the Wi-Fi off so that he doesn’t get tempted to “just check that one thing”.  He’s thinking of getting a T-shirt made with this… more »

Stop Trying to Fix Anticipated Problems in Front End Development

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Rachel Andrew posted a great piece for front-end developers about not trying to solve problems you don’t have yet. She specifically touches on over-the-top HTML5 boilerplates, adding polyfills for unsupported code, and trying to anticipate problems with older browsers before the site is even built yet. There is some amazing work out there in terms of polyfills, frameworks… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Make infinite scrolling finite on

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Typically on WordPress Wednesdays we focus on the self-hosted version of WordPress available at, but this week the topic is a new feature that’s been rolled out on the hosted blogs. Recently added infinite scrolling on many of their themes, including Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Coraline and MistyLook; the plan is to eventually add… more »

Does the Google AdWords keyword tool tell the whole story?

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Do you use Google AdWords for keyword research? If you do, you’ll definitely want to read this post by Rand Fishkin at SEOMoz: Be Careful Using AdWords for Keyword Research. Rand noticed that many of the terms that bring traffic to SEOMoz weren’t showing up as suggested terms when he did a related search using the Google AdWords keyword… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Add the most commented posts to the sidebar

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Here is a quick way to display the most commented posts within a timeframe, so you can encourage people to join active discussions without displaying older posts for too long. First, to query your most-commented posts: [php]

[/php] This will display the five posts from your blog with the most comments. However, if the same five posts… more »

Grammar School

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This recent infographic on Copyblogger caught my eye. Some of these grammar goofs have never tripped me up, but others I have to watch out for – less/fewer is one I find easy to get right in writing, but sometimes I hear myself saying the wrong word out loud. I love it when I ixnay a dangling participle, but know… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Display a thumbnail image with post excerpts

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The website WP Recipes offers up this helpful code snippet to help get the first image from a post, and to display that image as a thumbnail with the post excerpt. In WP Recipe’s example, a default image was set to be used when the post didn’t have an image. When I first tried out this code, not many… more »

What makes a YouTube video go viral?

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48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Why does some of it go viral? Kevin Allocca, Trends Manager at YouTube, recently gave a TED talk that sheds some light on this subject. According to Allocca, three key things contribute to videos going viral. The first is the tastemaker factor – often,… more »

Normalize.css: the latest in CSS reset

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Normalize.css by Nicholas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal, is a new kind of css ‘reset’ tool that doesn’t reset the browsers CSS styles completely, but  keeps the useful defaults, along with fixing common cross-browser bugs. From the site: Normalize.css is a small CSS file that provides better cross-browser consistency in the default styling of HTML elements. It’s a modern, HTML5-ready,… more »

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